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“What's left of a trip”

Elio Somaschini


We are Carla and Armando

A couple in love with their job

We had a dream. The dream of having a boat and being able to share with the world the beauty of our Ria Formosa, our natural “lagoon”.

Within what we wanted and the availability we had, we found a boat in Canada (Quebec).

And so, in June 2019 we bought a one-way plane ticket. We hired a skipper and with him came his wife. A very special couple.

The skipper, Elio Somaschini, is a person with unusual intelligence, physique, a big heart, to stubbornness, who loves cooking and eating, but mainly sailing. His wife, Maria Helena, was a sweet person, extremely intelligent, beautiful, and a warrior with an easy and contagious laugh.


We couldn't have found a better team to cross the Atlantic!


The trip in total took about 1 month and a half. Approximately 2700 nautical miles, with some technical stops in very pleasant places and many stories to tell! We anchored in Rivière-au-Renard, Saint-Pierre et Michelon (special administration territory/"collectivité d'autre-mer" of France, in the middle of Canadian territory) and in the Island of Flores (Azores). Initially places of shelter and technical stops during the crossing of the Atlantic, but which surprised by the beauty, flavors, dynamics of life, values, ​​and culture.


Today we are friends because we live together with unique, magical things that will be forever in our hearts because they are part of our history, otherwise, it would not make sense.


Now we have the beginning of a story, our journey...

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