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Half Day Tour

We propose a few hours of your day, in the company of your family and friends on a private tour for up to 14 people. We want to share with you the beauty and tranquility of our natural lagoon, its islands, and clear water beaches, where we'll make stops to relax, dive and do SUP.


The tour starts at the pier in Faro. Transport is done by us in a smaller boat, to the catamaran.

Already on the catamaran, we started the tour in a cheerful atmosphere and in a good mood. The route can be flexible, depending on the type of client we have and how comfortable they are on the boat. If the weather conditions are good, we can leave the inlet and go to the coast for a little walk, sail, and wait for the dolphins to come to visit us.

We can stop to get to know the islands, their inhabitants, as well as their customs as fishing islands. You can relax on the boat, go diving, go to the beach... forget about the clock and time!


The price of the tour includes fuel, Skipper, and a welcome drink.

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